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Impact FC Headed to Midwest Soccer Classic

By Dave Reiher, 04/11/19, 1:30PM CDT


Weekend Full Of Soccer Coming Up

As we prepare to head to Terre Haute this weekend, we would like you to keep some things in mind. There is so much value in a tournament for the club, the teams and the kids. The relationships built and/or strengthened between teammates is so important to the kids and teams moving forward. We encourage all players to hang out with their teammates at the hotel and between games. The teams will face teams that they would not normally encounter during our league play. They will encounter a varying difference in skill level as they face these teams. There is much more to the tournament (and each individual game) than the final score. Impact FC would love nothing more than to come home with first place in as many divisions as possible, that's the nature of sports. However, the score does not define us as a club, team or player. This experience is about bonding as a club, as a team and to ensure that the players improve their individual skills and most importantly have fun experiencing the tournament this weekend.



  • RSVP to each of your team's games. The coaches will have plenty of things on their plate as we take on a tournament. RSVP's will only make their jobs easier.
  • The forecast is calling for rain Sunday. Make sure you are prepared for rain, jackets, umbrellas, dry clothes, etc. Those of you that attended this tournament last year will recall those things do come in handy.
  • Please be mindful of the food choices for between game meals. Most of these kids will play more games in one day than they are accustomed to. A double bacon cheeseburger may not bounce around too well in a full game, especially if it's your second game of the day.
  • There will be plenty of Impact FC coaching staff running around the fields and hotels. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to talk to any of them. If they cannot assist, they will direct you to someone that can.
  • Our coaching staff is made up of trained/licensed coaches, they have game plans and specific topics they are trying to work on with the players. We can assure you that they do have plans and they are well qualified to execute those plans. You might feel compelled to shout directions to your kids (or other kids) during games, please refrain from doing so. One of the most important skills our players learn during a game is the ability to make the right decision when encountering game scenarios. Part of this learning process is making wrong decisions and learning from them. We understand that this is a tough task, but it is one more thing that helps in the development of these players.
  • When we attend a tournament (or league game), each of us is representing Impact FC and our child. Competitive sports can invoke a ton of emotion. Cheering and clapping is always welcome, but negative feedback is something that does not need to be on the sidelines.
  • Game officials are human, they will make mistakes and we will move on from them. Officials will not change a call due to a parent’s commentary on the sideline, so please refrain from doing so. It is highly unlikely that a coach will have an impact on a call as well. Let our coaches handle any situation we run into and remember that most times it is best to let it go and continue play.


Play hard, learn from this and HAVE FUN!!

We will see you in Terre Haute!

Impact FC Staff