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SportsEngine Photo and Video Galleries Now Available

By Dave Reiher, 07/22/19, 2:15PM CDT


Share photos and videos with the rest of the team!

Photo and Video Galleries Now Available

Hey Impact FC players and families!

We’ve turned on a new feature in the SportsEngine mobile app. You can now share photos and videos in the app so that team members can enjoy the moments you’ve captured. Take photos/videos directly in the app or share them from your camera roll.

Links to articles on how to use these features are at the bottom of this message.

There are some ground rules for using these features.

1. We need to keep in mind that this is for everyone in the club. We ask that you keep the number of photos/videos to something within reason. It would be safe to say that can range from 1 to a couple of dozen per event.

2. Photos/videos should be something that others will enjoy. It should not be utilized as personal storage.

3. All photos/videos uploaded will not be available in the app until Impact FC staff has approved the items for everyone to see. This is for obvious reasons, but also to insure that the club deems the items something that will be enjoyed by the rest of the club.

4. All Chat, photos, videos and other correspondence in SportsEngine should pertain to club business. Games, training sessions and fund raising activities are perfect. Messages, photos and videos that are used to sell items or for anything else not related to the club will be removed. We support Impact FC players in all their endeavors, but we’re in the business of soccer and that is what we will stick to.

5. Have fun and don’t be shy. We all capture moments that I’m sure others would enjoy seeing. Share those moments with the club.

6. Be patient. There are only so many staff members, so it could take some time for us to approve uploaded items. We will work as fast as we can to make sure the items get seen. It is out of respect for everyone that we would like to approve items. Some items may not get approved solely because of the number of items in the gallery may become unmanageable. We will work hard to insure that we add as many items as we can.

We wish everyone luck as your season begins. Have fun.

The Impact FC staff appreciates everything our players and parents do to support your club!

Photo Gallery How To:

Video Gallery How To: